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Refund Policy

Refund regarding Buy leads

A refund request for 'Buy leads' based on non-contactable contact information needs to be made within five days of purchase otherwise no refund will be granted.

There will be no refunds for leads that were cancelled or fulfilled since these are out of the Site's scope, since we have no role in the monitoring of the deal closing, transactions, or user preferences.

In order to request a refund under this policy, the refund amount cannot exceed 25% of the assigned lead quota. The refund request can be processed directly through the member folder, but the refund option will not be available once this limit is reached regardless of the reason for the refund request.

Payment and refund

Membership/ subscription fee

All the payments made to Go4Trade.com have to be made in the favour of Web Business Tech Pvt. Ltd. only. 100% advance payment has to be made for uninterrupted paid services.

No other individual or organisation has been entitled to collect any payment on our behalf. Payment made under any other individual/ organisation name or via personal PayPal account or via personal Western Union won’t be accepted for the services rendered by Go4Trade.com. Go4Trade.com reserves the right to deny liability for any damage caused by the transactions / payments you make to / in favour of such fraudulent individuals or organizations. Users are advised to contact or write to us on immediate basis if any fraudulent individual or organization tries to mislead you.

Subscription fee shall have to make on demand even if the user agrees differently. If the company finds user’s objections valid, user would be eligible for refund of excess amount paid by the user with no interest. In case, the user makes a late payment of any sums due under the agreement, the membership agreement shall be terminated forthwith.

Refund Policy

Once subscribed, no refund would be made in regards to membership fee and no such claims would be entertained by Go4Trade.com. Go4Trade.com claims no guarantee for accuracy, authenticity or timeliness for the content posted by the users. The services are offered on a best effort basis.

Refund for fraudulent transactions

The user is exclusively liable to maintain his/ her confidentiality, activities and transactions made through his/ her ‘My Folder.’ He/ she is solely liable for performing both online and offline transactions involving credit cards/ debit cards/ other payment instruments or documents. Go4Trade.com cannot be hold accountable for illegitimate use of the above mentioned instruments used by the subscriber for either online or offline transactions.

Refund for change in preference/ slackening of process

Go4Trade.com always asks for user’s approval before any transaction and the whole process is highly interactive, thus, no claim for either full or partial refund would be entertained. Once an order is made, it cannot be cancelled for the order is dispatched for further processing immediately. Changes in personal preferences won’t be considered for a reason for any kind of refund.