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Terms of Use

We provide a web-based electronic platform for exchanging information, exploring opportunities, and enhancing business online through networking and communication with suitable companies on our site www. Go4Trade.com The site is owned and managed by Web Business Tech Pvt. Ltd, 607, 6th Floor, Suneja Tower 2, District Center, Janakpuri, New Delhi 110058.

Any and every use of the Site is subject to, represents acceptance and acknowledgement by the user, of the terms and conditions (below mentioned) related to this agreement. It is mandatory for all the users to have read and understand the terms and conditions thoroughly and be in total agreement with them before proceeding further to use any of our services. The services shall be availed by only those individuals/ organisations/ firms/ companies who can enter into legally binding contracts/ agreements under Indian jurisdiction. Go4Trade.com shall amend these Terms and Conditions at any time with no prior notice whatsoever by publishing the amended version on the site. The amendments shall be effective with immediate effect of posting.

Terminology clause

a) User: According to this Agreement, a "User" is any person who visits the Site for whatever purpose, regardless of whether said user registers with Go4Trade.com as a registered user or whether said user purchases a specific service through Go4Trade.com the term ‘User’ incorporates very individual/ organisation using the Site.

b) Free services: Persons/entities that join www.Go4Trade.com solely for the purpose of listing and showcasing their business online without taking advantage of specialized services available through the portal.

c) Subscription/ paid services: Go4Trade.com provides the access to the Site and certain features free of charge. However, Go4Trade.com reserves the right to restrict/ terminate access to certain features (which might fall under paid services) with in prior notice whatsoever. Additional terms and conditions mentioned in different agreements govern the access to and use of paid services, in addition to this existing agreement.

d) Un-authorized member/ user: A person who enters into a contract or participates in a service without a legal or contractual right to do so shall be considered to be an 'unauthorized customer', and as such will be subject to the terms and conditions of the provider, including provisions respecting intellectual property rights and abiding by licensing terms.

e) Go4Trade.com shall not be held liable for the content/ information which is outside the knowledge/ scope/ acknowledgement/ contraventions/ intellectual copyright. Hence, liability for the situations created by its users cannot fall on Go4Trade.com’s shoulders.

f) The membership is activated within two days of receiving the activation charges and continues for the period for which the charges were submitted, however the websites will be developed based on the information/approval provided by a member and may take some time to complete, no relaxation will be granted for the duration of this period.

g) It is important that our members are aware of the fact that the servers belong to third parties, and that the continuing availability of the services may be interrupted at times because of technical glitch/ hackers and that Go4Trade.com or the parent company will not be responsible for such costs, damages, or any extension of activation period under any circumstances. Thus, the users are advised to always spool their messages and other material offline to prevent the data from technical glitch/ crash/ hacking.

h) Go4Trade.com upholds the authority to delete/ block the webpage with no prior notice or assigning a reason. The users/ member shall not claim for any direct/ indirect loss caused by deletion/ blockage of webpage, whatsoever.

i) Membership/ subscription charges are subject to revision/ change and no user/ member has any say in it. Only Go4Trade.comhas the sole discretion to revise the charges.

j) During registration and thereafter, via registration forms, posting requirements, feedbacks, or any such form that requires a phone number / mobile number, regardless of being registered on the Do Not Call Registry, the user agrees to accept all communications (voice, chat, e-mail, SMS) on the numbers provided during registration or subsequently, via posts, comments, feedbacks and/or any such form that includes an assigned point of contact, including the company's phone number and its mobile number, in relation to the subscribed services of Go4Trade.com.

k) This agreement is applicable to every paid/ subscribed user and the subsequent terms and conditions in separate agreements that are only definitive to specific paid services. However, in the event of conflict/ inconsistency about any of the provisions of any of the agreements specific to the paid services, such conflict/ inconsistency shall be resolved in a way that will be favourable to Go4Trade.com and/ or its associates. Additionally, if the conflict/ inconsistency remains unresolved, the provisions of terms and conditions as mentioned in the agreements shall prevail.

l) Go4Trade.comhas the exclusive authority to delete/ remove any of the member/ user’s listings/ classifieds, if the same is found to be in the violation of copyright/ intellectual copyright authorization of a third party. Only Go4Trade.comhas the authority to govern that the present clause is in compliance with the Information Technology Act, 2000 and no argument/ claim shall be entertained in this matter under any circumstance whatsoever.

m) Go4Trade.com has the authority to amend/ modify this agreement at any time and post the amended and restated version applicable at once. User’s continuation of use after posting of restated/ amended agreement will be considered as the acceptance of the amended terms. The agreement can only be modified by authorized personnel from Go4Trade.com in writing and not otherwise.

n) By using the site and availing its services, the user warrants and agrees that:

  • All the information submitted during and after registration is accurate and up-to-date.
  • The user will continue to maintain the truthfulness of the information provided.
  • The user shall no violate any applicable law/ regulation using the site and the services.
  • The user is not a minor, i.e., above 18 years of age.
  • If found to be in breach of any of terms and conditions of this agreement, user’s profile and membership shall be terminated with immediate effect.
  • The Site will not be liable for any damages to the user, including without limitation, indirect or consequential damages, or any damages whatsoever arising from use or loss of use, data, or profits, whether arising from a contract, negligence or other tort, and arising from or in connection with the use of the site.
  • o) The site or Go4Trade.com doesn’t hold any expertise regarding Intellectual property rights. It’s beyond our scope and governance to verify if the users have an absolute authorization/ selling rights/ ownership regarding the products/ services posted by them. Acting as a mediator/ intermediary, our role is very much limited to providing an exclusive platform for different buyers and suppliers. If a user believes that any buyer/ supplier is involved in practices related to copyright infringement, please notify us in writing. We do not advocate or endorse any product that may be infringing by virtue of being listed on the Site, and we do not endorse infringement by removing such listings.

    p) It is understood by the Users that they agree to use the site only for lawful purposes, and in a manner that does not infringe upon or restrict the rights of any third parties to use This restriction or inhibition includes, without limitation, conduct which is unlawful, or which has the potential to harass or inflict distress or inconvenience on any individual, as well as content that is obscene or offensive or interferes with normal dialogue on the site. We ask that any member/individual/entity who becomes aware of any inappropriate content from any member of this site, or otherwise, please contact us by clicking on the "Feedback" link at the footer of every page.

    For users in general

    a) The users must use the Site for either personal or commercial purposes. Each user here with agrees that he/ she shall not download/ copy/ reproduce any type of information/ text/ images/ videos/ files/ database/ listings/ directories available on or through Go4Trade.com, with the purpose of reselling/ distribution/ mass mailing (via physical mails, wireless text messages, email or otherwise)/ operating or helping the competitor of Go4Trade.com/ otherwise exploiting the data of Go4Trade.com.

    b) No user shall initiate/ encourage schemes to impair/ sabotage the integrity/ functionality of the networks/ computer systems owned and operated by Go4Trade.com or any other registered user. No user shall make an effort to gain unauthorized access to any such computer system and network. No user shall take steps which can inflict disproportionate/ undue distress on our infrastructure.

    c) As a registered user, you acknowledge and agree that you shall not use the services provided by Go4Trade.com to infringe upon intellectual copyrights of other users/ parties in general in any way whatsoever. Go4Trade.com shall terminate the accounts of users/ members who try to infringe copyrights/ intellectual copyrights once or repeatedly. Furthermore, Go4Trade.com reserves the right to terminate a user's account for any single infringement of the rights of others relating to the use of the Go4Trade.com service or should Go4Trade.com believe that the conduct of the user is harmful to the interests of Go4Trade.com, its affiliates, or other users, or for any other reason, with or without cause, in Go4Trade.com 's sole discretion.

    d) It is understood that the Company reserves the right to modify, add or remove any part or entire feature to the Site at any time and from any place, without any prior notice, and just by updating the same in the features list or Terms and Conditions with regard to the interest of the registered members, as in the recent new feature of Primary Number. The application of the same won’t require confirmation/ consent of the members/ users. No requests for alteration/ modifications to the applicable changes will be entertained.

    e) Go4Trade.com displays and posts of contents of third parties and users might find some of the content on the Site belonging to third parties. Go4Trade.com doesn’t author this content which may be posted by anonymous users/ registered users/ paid content providers. Neither Go4Trade.com nor its employees/ associates/ officers/ directors/ play a part of sales agency with a third party by the means of displaying their content on the Site. Go4Trade.com shall not be held liable for the accuracy, lawfulness, authenticity or truthfulness of any of the Third-Party Content. Go4Trade.com shall not be liable to any of the user regarding their reliance on third party content. Similarly, Go4Trade.com is not responsible for any User's conduct on the Site and shall not be liable to any person in connection with any damage suffered by that individual.

    f) Go4Trade.com appeals to its users to read and understand our privacy policy carefully because safety and utilization of user’s information in our possession is governed by the privacy policy itself. Every user hereby accepts the privacy policy and any mandatory updates/ amendments made by Go4Trade.com. Each user accepts that Go4Trade.com shall change/ modify the privacy policy periodically and make the updated version available on the Site relentlessly. The users are advised to check for the latest versions of privacy policy regularly. User’s continuation of use of the Site shall be considered as his/ her acceptance of the privacy policy.

    g) Go4Trade.com upholds the authority to create/ deny/ limit the access to the site for different users and shall modify/ change/ introduce features (existing or new) with no prior notice. Each user herewith agrees that denial of access/ inability to use the Site (wholly or partially) might have adverse effect on the business. Go4Trade.com shall in no event be liable to the User or any third parties for any inability to use the Site (whether due to limited access, interruptions, changes to or termination of any features on the Site or otherwise), any delays in communications or transmissions, errors or omissions with respect to any communications or transmissions, or any other damage (direct, indirect, subsequent or otherwise) resulting from the use or inability to use the Site or any of its features.

    h) Go4Trade.com allows its users to access the content, products and services provided by third parties via hyperlinks (in the form of banners, word link, channels or otherwise) of their websites. Go4Trade.com cautions its users to read and understand the terms and conditions and privacy policy of these websites carefully before using and providing any type of information. The user hereby acknowledges that Go4Trade.com has no authority whatsoever over third party’s websites and doesn’t monitor and shall not be held liable to anyone for these websites, the content, products and services displayed.

    Note: The enquiries shall automatically be discarded/ removed from the folder after 365 days starting from the receiving date.

    Registered users/clients

    a. Every registered user has to go through a preliminary process of filling an online registration form (information including but not limited to name, address, contact and fax number, residential address, email address, details of its business) and establish an account with Go4Trade.com (to become a registered User). Every registered user is assigned with an alias (Unique Username/ User ID), password and login access to his/ her account.

    b. As a registered user, the person consents to inclusion of their personal information in our Go4Trade manufacture/ buyer/ seller database and authorize Go4Trade.com to share the same with other users if required.

    c. In case the Registered User is a business entity, you agree, represent and warrant:

    (a) that you have the authority to bind that entity to this Agreement;

    (b) that the address you use when registering is the principal place of business of that entity; and

    (c) that all other information you provide to Go4Trade.com during the registration process is true, current, accurate and complete. For this clause, neither a branch nor representative office shall be considered as a separate entity and the principal place of business will be considered as the head office.

    d. Go4Trade.com can allot an email account to its users with limited cloud space to receive and send e-mails. The users shall be solely responsible for the content of all the mails and communications and subsequent consequences. Under no circumstances, Go4Trade.comshall be held liable for the defamatory/ harassing/ spam contents in the emails exchanged.

    e. If the user decides to terminate his/ her association with Go4Trade.com, he/ she can delete/ remove the account by completing the delisting procedure via ‘Remove Account’ option in ‘My Folder.’

    f. Go4Trade.com upholds the right to deny/ refuse membership services/ email account/ user ID/ password to any user without disclosing the reason.

    g. Every registered user hereby by grants Go4Trade.com the right to use his/ her copyrights if required or in case of leads posted by other users.

    h. Once a person becomes a registered user at Go4Trade.com, he/ she is no longer anonymous to Go4Trade.com and he/ she hereby authorizes Go4Trade.com the right to display and publish requisite and desired information from, including but not limited, to the user’s business brochures/ website/ catalogues/ listings/ business directory/ trade leads/ any printed material etc.

    i. Go4Trade.com is the exclusive governor of the URLs provided to the users by Go4Trade.com and the URLs can be changed, deleted or edited before nay prior notice. Go4Trade.com can’t be held liable for any indirect damages, if any, caused by these modifications.

    j. Go4Trade.com extends Primary Number services to the subscribed/ paid users to improve their experience at Go4Trade.com and to make sure that they don’t miss out on potential customers. If a user misses our call regarding business leads, then, he/ she authorize Go4Trade.com to reach out to the individual behind the lead. This is done to ensure that our subscribed users don’t miss out on leads. Go4Trade.com also facilitates these support services for regular but unsubscribed visitors/ users.

    k. As a Registered User, you consent to your information being listed, displayed and used by all divisions, sister companies/ventures of Go4Trade.com, and being listed and displayed on other portals and websites including Third Party Service Providers and Search Engines for the purpose of marketing your online business.

    l. A registered user shall not sell, offer to sell, attempt to sell, give, assign or otherwise provide a third party with an Account, User ID, password, etc. without prior written approval from Go4Trade.com. Go4Trade.com upholds the right to terminate the Account of both the individuals on buyer and seller ends in the event of sale, gift, transfer or assignment of fore mentioned elements.

    m. Go4Trade.com may terminate/ suspend a registered user’s account/ email account with us any anytime with a prior notice providing no less than 24 hours to the registered user. Provided, the notice is not required if:

    i. Go4Trade.com has reasonable justification to prove that the information provided to Go4Trade.com is untrue and not up-to-date

    ii. Go4Trade.com suspects that the user’s actions might cause a legal liability/ financial loss to either the user himself or other users or Go4Trade.com or its associates.

    iii. There is any violation of the provisions of this agreement by the registered user.

    n. The registered users cannot use the email account provided by Go4Trade.com to exchange material/ information that is deemed to be abusive/unlawful/ harassing/libellous/vulgar/threatening/ harmful/ obscene/ otherwise objectionable material of any nature. Also, they cannot use the email account for junk mail, spamming and chain letters. In addition, the Registered User shall not use the Email Account for the purpose of publishing, distributing, transmitting or circulating unsolicited advertising or promotional messages, or content that is obscene, indecent, seditious, defamatory, threatening, or that incites or results in the causes or consequences of racial hatred, discrimination, threats or breach of confidence.

    For users posting information on Go4Trade.com

    a) For posting any kind of information on Go4Trade.com, the person has to be a registered user of our Site. The registered users can use self-help submit and editing tools provided by Go4Trade.com for posting the information.

    b) Go4Trade.com doesn’t accept registrations or transactions from any member/ user who is directly or indirectly involved with sanctioned countries/ territories (like- Iran, North Korea / Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Cuba, Crimea, Sevastopol / Crimean Autonomous Republic and Syria) as per the sanctions imposed by the UN, UK, USA, EU and/ or any other government and/ or regulatory body.

    c) The users acknowledge that the information posted by them on the Site will lead to business enquiries via phone calls, SMS, WhatsApp, mail etc. from various buyers and sellers. The enquiries can be both relevant and irrelevant to the user’s business. Go4Trade.com doesn’t govern any control over the users for sending business enquiries to the registered members and won’t be involved in any type of investigation thereafter.

    d) Go4Trade.com doesn’t establish sales agency relationship between the user and any individual or organisation related to Go4Trade.com (Go4Trade.com itself, its directors, affiliates, officers or employees) by publishing user’s information on the Site. The information is posted by the users only and in case of any fraud/ loss/ defamation to Go4Trade.com, its directors, affiliates, officers or employees, the user agrees to indemnifyGo4Trade.com and free it from any harm/ loss occurred.

    e) By using the Site, each user acknowledges, warrants, agrees and represents:

    i. To provide true, current and accurate information to display on the Site.

    ii. To modify/ amend the information periodically to keep it up-to-date. Each user herewith grants Go4Trade.com a worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free and sub-licensable (via multiple tiers) license to Go4Trade.com to publish and use all the information provided by the user in compliance with the purposes according to the agreement, agreed to beforehand, and to exercise the publicity, copyright, and database rights, which the user upholds for such material or information, that is available/ accessible via any media platform not known to us or currently not in our awareness, including but not limited to the user’s business brochures/ website/ catalogues/ any printed material etc.

    f) Go4Trade.com upholds the exclusive right to remove/ ban any information/ material displayed on the Site which it rationally believes to be unlawful/ inappropriate, could subject Go4Trade.comto any form of liability or violates this agreement. Go4Trade.com agrees to provide the government, members from law enforcement, private investigators, and/ or injured third-party/ parties in case of suspicious/ fraudulent crime/ wrong doing. Likewise, Go4Trade.com is authorized to disclose the User's identity and contact information, if the disclosure is required by law enforcement, injured third parties, or as a result of a subpoena or other legal action, and Go4Trade.com shall not be liable for the disclosure or for any damages or results thereof, and the User agrees not to bring a claim against Go4Trade.com concerning such disclosure. In case of the foregoing, Go4Trade.com upholds the sole discretion to suspend/ terminate the account of the user. Users agree that Go4Trade.com is not liable to them, including no liability for consequential or actual damages, for taking any of Go4Trade.com`s actions mentioned in this Section, and that they agree to bear the risk to which Go4Trade.com may resort.

    g) The user herewith agrees, represents and warrants that he/ she has procured all requisite documents, including but not limited to- third party copyright, patent license, trademark, and other such permissions and licenses, that may be required in association with any other personal or proprietary rights of a third party (including but not limited to rights of privacy and rights of personality), for any information he/she posts on the Site or provides to Go4Trade.com or authorizes Go4Trade.com to display. The term "Third Party Rights" shall refer to all copyrights, trademarks, trade secret rights, patents and other personal or proprietary rights of third parties affecting or relating to material or information displayed on this Site, such as personal and privacy rights, as well as third party rights affecting or relating to products offered or displayed on the Site. The user hereby acknowledges that he/ she shall be the solely responsible for any material/ information he/ she posts on the Site or provides to Go4Trade.com or gives Go4Trade.com the right to display on the Site. The material/ information should not violate third-party rights, and should be posted with the permission of the owner/s. Each user herewith agrees, represents and warrants that he/ she upholds the right to manufacture, sell, import and distribute the products and services that are posted and displayed on the Site and that the manufacture, sale, import and distribution of these products and services doesn’t violate a third-party’s rights.

    h) Users availing for paid services/ special schemes can be sometimes offered with complimentary leads. The distribution of leads is subject to availability, so, no user shall hold Go4Trade.com liable for the same in any circumstances whatsoever. The leads are posted by the buyers and their delivery depends upon trends, popularity, season, product nature etc. The receipt of leads is not governed by Go4Trade.com and hence can’t be guaranteed. Go4Trade.com, in its best efforts, tries to forward leads that are relevant to the user’s products and services but shall not be held liable for authenticity or accuracy of the leads.

    i) The User acknowledges that for certain services involving Third Party Service Providers, such as Payment Gateway Integration, Go4Trade.com`s role sis limited to the integration and that all the subsequent support and issue resolution is solely the responsibility of the User's chosen Third-Party Service Provider. Under no circumstances, a User can hold Go4Trade.com liable for delay/ failure/ disruption in Third-Party services.

    j) Go4Trade.com is only responsible for the display of pharmaceutical/ cosmetic products and services provided by the listed suppliers and doesn’t encourage direct purchase/ sale of these products and services. All Users, including buyers and sellers of pharmaceutical and cosmetic items and services, agree to be bound by and comply with all rules and regulations, laws, orders, and notifications issued by the Indian government and its authorities at all times. We, as an Intermediary, are merely providing a platform for Suppliers to showcase their products and services; we bear no responsibility for the content, photos, information, or any other data relating to chemicals, medications, or medicines. Suppliers of prescription Medicines and/or Drugs hereby agree to be fully responsible for and bear all liabilities arising out of the sale/purchase in accordance with the Schedules of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940, as amended. The Suppliers additionally affirm that they have full licence, ownership, dealership, and selling rights, and that they are fully responsible for any violations of any kind. The Site is only an advertisement platform and does not represent either the seller or the buyer in individual transactions. As a result, the Site does not control nor is it responsible for the quality, safety, lawful or availability of the products or services available for sale on the Site, nor does it have any control over the ability of suppliers to complete a sale or the ability of buyers to complete purchases. Go4Trade.com, its directors, affiliates, officers and employees are indemnified and held harmless for any losses/ liabilities arising from any illegal sale/purchase of drugs and/or medicines by the User. There will be no information posted about medicines, drugs, or chemicals listed in Schedule X of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940, or the Amendments thereto. The Site reserves the right to remove content / listings without prior notice if we receive a complaint / directive / mandate against those. A violation of Indian laws may result in suspension of membership.

    k) Go4Trade.com cannot be held responsible for any kind of business materialization or business materialisation by any of its users. Each USER hereby consents to materialize his/her business on his/her own.

    If you are unable to access the Site

    In case of any defect/ shortcoming in samples, data, goods or services provided by either a user or a third party using Go4Trade.com:

    Violations of Third party Rights by Users or assertions that the manufacture, importation, distribution, offering, displaying, purchasing, selling, and/or using of products or services offered or displayed on the Site may violate or be asserted to violate Third Party Rights by Users, the customers are entitled to either Defence or indemnification for upholding their rights, demands, or claims made by Third Party Rights claimants, unlawful access by third parties to user data, statements, and conduct of users, or any matters relating to Paid Services, however arising, including negligence.

    Intellectual copyright and violation

    All the logos, trademarks, brands, registered “Marks” published at Go4Trade.comare under the copyright or used under a licence by either the company or its associates. Intellectual property rights and any rights accruing from the same, statutory or otherwise, are completely owned by the Company and its associates. In this Agreement or by the Company / its associates, the Company hereby reserves all rights that are not otherwise claimed.

    The user cannot consider the permission to access the Site as any licence or the right to use the “Marks.” Therefore, the use of these “Marks” is strictly prohibited. Any violation of the above would be considered as an offence and would demand a legal action under prevailing laws of India.

    Website designing services

    Since Website designing is one of the services of our membership packages, we hold the exclusive right on its technical maintenance. Disruptions caused due to technical faults in uploading or hosting of the website, cannot be taken for an issue to pursue a legal action.

    Since Go4Trade.com provides website designing as a free deliverable with our membership package, all the technical information including FTP details as subject to confidentiality by Go4Trade.com. Go4Trade.com won’t entertain any claims regarding the same. Consequently, since the data of the template-based website relies on the centralized database of the Site, it cannot be transferred to any other server, which would render the website inoperative.

    Notifications regarding website designing services

    You will receive a call/email from us regarding the details/materials required for your website development. In addition, we will send you a reminder letter if you don't reply to our call/mail and don't provide the details/material. Faling to hear from your after this reminder letter, the agreement regarding website designing services shall be terminated with immediate effect.

    Note: Thereafter, reactivation of website designing services would be charged for separately.

    Website development

    Go4Trade.com follows a highly interactive approach during the process of website development. For every step of the process in website designing, our team sends a mail to the client for their written approval for the same. We will send you a reminder letter in case you do not reply to our emails regarding the progress of your website/incomplete material/incomplete images/layout/hosting of your website.

    Note: Thereafter, changes/ modifications would be charged for separately.

    Website hosting

    A temporary link is sent to the client after the development of website. The clients should suggest any modifications within five days of receiving the link. In case our teat at Go4Trade.com doesn’t get any response within five days of sending the temporary link, we would consider it as your approval and host your website on the domain.

    The flexibility can be granted for above-mentioned circumstances, only if Go4Trade.com receives a written and formal request from the client. Go4Trade.com carries the sole authority to make a decision regarding the approval of the request.

    Note: Once Go4Trade.com approves the request, changes/ modifications would be charged for separately.

    Refund regarding Buy leads

    A refund request for 'Buy leads' based on non-contactable contact information needs to be made within five days of purchase otherwise no refund will be granted.

    There will be no refunds for leads that were cancelled or fulfilled since these are out of the Site's scope, since we have no role in the monitoring of the deal closing, transactions, or user preferences.

    In order to request a refund under this policy, the refund amount cannot exceed 25% of the assigned lead quota. The refund request can be processed directly through the member folder, but the refund option will not be available once this limit is reached regardless of the reason for the refund request.

    Payment and refund

    Membership/ subscription fee

    All the payments made to Go4Trade.com have to be made in the favour of Web Business Tech Pvt. Ltd. only. 100% advance payment has to be made for uninterrupted paid services.

    No other individual or organisation has been entitled to collect any payment on our behalf. Payment made under any other individual/ organisation name or via personal PayPal account or via personal Western Union won’t be accepted for the services rendered by Go4Trade.com. Go4Trade.com reserves the right to deny liability for any damage caused by the transactions / payments you make to / in favour of such fraudulent individuals or organizations. Users are advised to contact or write to us on immediate basis if any fraudulent individual or organization tries to mislead you.

    Subscription fee shall have to make on demand even if the user agrees differently. If the company finds user’s objections valid, user would be eligible for refund of excess amount paid by the user with no interest. In case, the user makes a late payment of any sums due under the agreement, the membership agreement shall be terminated forthwith.

    Refund Policy

    Once subscribed, no refund would be made in regards to membership fee and no such claims would be entertained by Go4Trade.com. Go4Trade.com claims no guarantee for accuracy, authenticity or timeliness for the content posted by the users. The services are offered on a best effort basis.

    Refund for fraudulent transactions

    The user is exclusively liable to maintain his/ her confidentiality, activities and transactions made through his/ her ‘My Folder.’ He/ she is solely liable for performing both online and offline transactions involving credit cards/ debit cards/ other payment instruments or documents. Go4Trade.com cannot be hold accountable for illegitimate use of the above mentioned instruments used by the subscriber for either online or offline transactions.

    Refund for change in preference/ slackening of process

    Go4Trade.com always asks for user’s approval before any transaction and the whole process is highly interactive, thus, no claim for either full or partial refund would be entertained. Once an order is made, it cannot be cancelled for the order is dispatched for further processing immediately. Changes in personal preferences won’t be considered for a reason for any kind of refund.

    Termination of services

    In order to protect the interests of other users of Go4Trade.com as well as the interests of Go4Trade.com, Go4Trade.com reserves the right to partially suspend or terminate a user's access to certain features, panels, or access points at any time, without giving any notice to the user (Free and Paid Members).

    Go4Trade.com may terminate or suspend the project either fully or partially, depending on the circumstances, if we suspect something, if we receive a complaint, if we believe something, if we conduct an investigation, or if we receive a notification from law-making bodies or governing authorities. Following can be the potential reasons for termination of services:

    a) In the case that the User(s) infringe on the intellectual property rights of other persons or businesses.

    b) In the case that the User(s)violate any provision of the agreement.

    c) In the case that the User(s) post or publish an information which is irrelevant to the services extended by Go4Trade.comor use the Site for junk mail.

    d) In the case that the User(s) is involved in unethical and dishonest practices.

    e) In the case that the User(s)access another registered user’s account by using their respective username or password.

    f) In the case that the User(s) is found to be involved in unauthorized use, modification, access, or control of Site’s database, network or similar services.

    g) In the case that the User(s) is involved in misuse or fraudulent use of the services provided by Go4Trade.com or engaged in illegal/ inappropriate/ prohibit communication/ activities/ transactions.

    h) In the case that the User’s actions cause financial loss or legal liability to Go4Trade.com, its associates or other users.

    i) In the case that the User(s)provide information that is either false/ not up to date/ inaccurate or make unlawful use of another person’s name or business entity or impersonate that person or entity in any manner possible.

    The termination of agreement would be followed by loss of authority to avail free as well as paid services provided by Go4Trade.com and the user will not be able to re-register using new User information unless sanctioned by Go4Trade.com in writing. Also, no refund would be processed for membership fee or subscription fee in case of termination of the agreement. Go4Trade.com cannot be hold responsible for any type of direct or indirect damage caused by the termination of the agreement.

    Matter of dispute and governing aspects

    Any kind of legal dispute concerning Go4Trade.comwould be governed by the laws of New Delhi. Legal issues are subject only to the applicable laws currently in force in New Delhi and are subject to the jurisdiction of New Delhi's courts.

    Governing ordinance and jurisdiction

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